Saturday, September 12, 2009

Salcedo Market

It's been a while since I checked out Salcedo Market. I craved for lechon and its the only nearest place I knew where to find one. I already don't know what to buy from Salcedo Market these days and I would welcome any suggestions. As it started to rain hard, I only got to buy the usual stuff - Cebu Lechon, bread made out of Hershey's Chocolate and Ineng's barbecue.. I should be more adventurous next time and try out the great stuff!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Experience

I had a chance to observe a school event as support to our colleagues and a glimpse on how school activities are done these days. Initially had to wake up early as I thought meeting time was 7:15. Fortunately for me it was filipino time thus I had a chance to eat breakfast. I was unaware that I violated the dress code by wearing the prescribed polo shirt with jeans until the team lead told me that maong is prohibited for us to wear during the event.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to read the email note yesterday afternoon not to wear maong and the news/reminder of not to wear maong did not reach me as I was swamped with meetings yesterday and got little time to check on emails. I wished the events team would have texted or at least have placed the dress code during their first invite (as that one I got to read well as I arrived on time!).

Out of respect, I willingly forced myself to change into slacks. Gladly, our house is near the office thus I was able to go back and change. I was about to bring my car to the school event but when we went back to the office at around 8ish, the van is still there since it got lost along the way thus we managed to ride with the team going to the school.

The public school that we went was a great place. Though there were a little glitches observed - it was a great event in total. The snacks served was quite yummy! I cannot remember who the caterer was. I commend the agency organizing the event. I also appreciated governor's magnificent people and oratorical skills.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Profractional Laser Treatment

Been a delinquent patient with my dermatologist for quite some time now. I only go to her whenever there is a case of emergency - big pimples and many pimples due for cleaning and kenacort. This year, part of my resolution was to take good care of my skin. Albeit late, I visited her last July and the last time I visited her was about 2 years ago. I asked what could be done to improve my skin texture due to acne scars, she recommended that I take the Profractional Laser Treatment after a month.

Since I trust my dermatologist so much, I was very confident to take the treatment. I was worried on the day of my scheduled procedure since I had lots of little pimple. I asked if it is alright to clean my face first prior to undergoing the treatment. She agreed and I went to the dermatology center after she cleaned my face in her clinic.

I was prepped and a topical anesthesia was applied in my face. I was asked to wait for 45 minutes for the medicine to take effect. After which the procedure began. This was my first time to undergo laser treatment. The first time it touched my face, I let out a shrill cry. I thought it hurt but it didn't. I only felt a few stinging sensation.

After the procedure, there was a few burning sensation but what relieved it was the cool air placed near my face to ease the redness. I was told to apply a few ointment for the pain, moisturizer and sunblock afterwards. I was also advised that redness in the face might occur for 3-5 days. I became a little conscious of my face but was also delighted that I haven't gotten any curious stares from strangers yet.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Longganisa Pasta

My aunt went to Ilocos lately and she brought with her a box full of vigan longganisa. I tried bringing some back to our hometown but my package was held at the airport. I also warned my aunt about it as her flight was supposedly on the following day. What she did was to cook some and bring it back to her place down south while she left a few bags of longganisa here in manila.

We had no choice but to cook it and eat it these past few days.. I previously loved vigan longganisa but there came a time that we were already "sawa" with it. What I did was to use longganisa as an ingredient of something loved by the entire household especially my little girl.

One lazy afternoon, I checked the refrigerator and noticed there were a lot of cooked longganisa leftover so I decided to use it as the main ingredient for my pasta. Instead of ground meat, I had diced longganisa minus the wrap of course!

Here's the recipe I came up with as far as I could remember:

vigan longganisa (about 12 pieces), diced
garlic chopped
onion diced
tomatoes cubed
cooking oil
olive oil
del monte tomato and cheese gourmet pasta sauce
maggi magic sarap

Cooking Instructions:
1. Take out wrapper from vigan longganisa.
2. Heat few drops of cooking oil and olive oil.
3. Saute garlic, onion and tomato with longganisa
4. put a few drops of maggi magic sarap and heat for 5 minutes
5. pour del monte tomato and cheese gourmet pasta sauce. heat for 5 minutes
6. pour sauce over cooked spaghetti noodles and serve!

Surprisingly my little girl loved this recipe.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shoe and Bag Savior: Besa's

I was so disappointed with a newly bought pair of shoes from Nine West that got slightly damaged after a few weeks of using it. I asked Nine West store in Powerplant if they can repair it for me but they mentioned they don't do repairs. They referred me to Besa's instead.

Few days after, I went to Besa's corner secretly tucked in Glorietta and was so amazed that they can repair almost anything of your prized shoe/bag possession. I was even elated that repaired item can be claimed within the day if brought in the morning.

After being satisfied with my shoe repair, the following week, I brought a bag for repair as it needs some restoration after my KL trip with the girls. The bag has a sentimental value to me since it was given by my husband. Lo and behold! It looks brand new after they restored it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Video Check

As a mom, I make it a choice to find out what my kids eat especially what's in their milk. Quite surprisingly when I learned about this commercial in TV on sugar levels of milk. Such a shocking and interesting revelation. I try to check the label every now and then.

Not all milks are made the same, some have more sugar than others. To find out how much sugar there is in your child's milk, check the carbohydrates content. Generally in milk, high carbohyrdates could mean high sugar. It pays to check the label.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

PAL Website: Dummy or Real?

This is my third time to book an online flight with PAL's website but unfortunately after every payment transactions entering card number and verification, it always states: "your transaction has been cancelled...."

Oh well...i guess something's wrong with their server. I've been wanting to go back to our home province soon so I took the risk of double payment in my credit card and did the transaction again delivering frustrating results. Same scenario occurred. Something is wrong with their site I guess. Maybe it was just a dummy site.

I also tried booking online few weeks back when they had their Real Deal Promo on cheaper international flights which turned out to be not so real after all since same dilemma occurred. Please go and check out their site at and see if same scenario applies to you.

Let me know if it works for you so that I could try it out again.